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Their availability may overcome some barriers to HIV testing such as inconvenience and concerns about confidentiality, helping to address the large numbers of people who are infected with HIV but don’t know they are.“At Bio SURE, we have used our innovative HIV Self-Test as a significant tool in normalising the conversation about HIV and testing generally.

Self-testing allows people to take responsibility and ownership of their HIV status.

It can be funny to listen to guys throwing shade (being critical) about others, but it’s only a matter of time before they throw that shade at you and that can be like being crushed under a gazebo gurl! Focus on positive things and positive people, and then that’s what you’ll get more of. From 1 December 1988, every year, the world has observed a special day for this terrible, potentially deadly, deeply stigmatised disease that afflicts some 40 million people across the world, mainly on our continent, Africa. Just two years before, I had, myself, been diagnosed with HIV. Dr Michael Evangeli from the Department of Psychology at Royal Holloway, University of London, spoke at AIDS Impact, an international conference on HIV and AIDS, in Cape Town on 15th November.

Surround yourself with people that build you up and not people that break you or other people down. He presented several findings from a study into the pre- and post-test experiences of people who test HIV-positive from an HIV self-test.

Here are some tips on how to boost yourself healthily to get closer to being able to get the things that you want in life: - Avoid negative and critical people. If you focus on negative things, then you will get more negative things. It’s not about looking like a fitness model, but about loving yourself enough to take care of your body. Write comment (0 Comments) By Justice Edwin Cameron, Constitutional Court This year we mark the world’s thirtieth World AIDS Day. Many at death’s door turned back to face into the light and sunshine of health and vigour and replenished energy. Eleven years after diagnosis I fell terribly ill with AIDS. Very nearly four million of us owe our lives to a simple, daily dose of ARV tablets with relatively few and rare side-effects. Write comment (0 Comments) In light of the AIDS Impact Conference in Cape Town, Bio SURE positions itself as the easiest and only regulated HIV Self-Test on the South African market.Prince Harry is a passionate advocate for HIV testing and attended the opening of the pop-up shop and acted as shopkeeper, handing out Bio SURE tests.“So the instructions are idiot-proof, for people like myself?

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