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24-Dec-2017 07:01

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The camera is an Axis P5534 network camera that can pan, tilt, and zoom.

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If you want to make a more stylish statement, however, Etsy offers several options, including a Hello Kitty web cam cover, emoticon stickers, and a pink skull-and-crossbones for laptop cams, and a crocheted ghost cozy for external web cams.

If you use your laptop camera often for Skyping and video conferencing, you might prefer the C-slide, which uses a sliding door to cover and uncover your camera's eye.

But did you know that intruders might use the built-in camera to take surreptitious pictures and videos of you and your surroundings or hijack your microphone to eavesdrop on conversations?

The latest story from the Edward Snowden leaks yesterday drives home that the NSA and its spy partners possess specialized tools for doing exactly that.

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