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By the end of the severe, prolonged droughts in the late fourteenth century they had relocated to the vicinity of their modern communities primarily located within the watershed of the upper Rio Grande River Valley in New Mexico and the watershed of the Little Colorado River in Arizona.

The Basketmaker III period (400-700) featured the first cultivation of beans, the domestication of turkeys, the replacing of short spears and the atlatl with the bow and arrow, and the increased use of pottery (either gray, or with a black pattern on a white base).

May has spoken about the sheer wrongness of ‘paying women less for doing the same job as men’.

And yet, when replacing a female member of staff with a male one in her own office, she suddenly finds these rules don’t apply Is Theresa May being consciously, intentionally sexist? We should all know by now that May pays lip service to feminist ideals while trampling over the rights and welfare of lower-paid, vulnerable women in particular.

In the mid-seventeenth century serious disputes developed between the civil and religious authorities in New Mexico, with the Pueblos caught in the middle.

In 1680 the Pueblos revolted and successfully drove the Spanish out of New Mexico for more than a decade, but the Spanish returned in force and reconquered the region by 1694. Pueblo peoples today are still to be found in their ancestral homeland, primarily along the upper Rio Grande River Valley in the state of New Mexico, along with the Hopi in northeastern Arizona and the small community of Isleta del Sur near El Paso, Texas, just across the border from New Mexico.

The Spanish tried to force the Pueblos to convert to Christianity and exacted forced labor from them under the encomienda system.

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