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The electrical outlets — were they European or North American?They pursued any visual clue that might help them identify the figure in the green hoodie.

He watched as the dark figure began dissecting the man, cutting off his head and arm."Holy shit," Green said again to himself.They were close to catching him twice — but found themselves always one step behind him.They begged the authorities for help, reminding them that serial killers — from Jeffrey Dahmer to Edmund Kemper — began their reigns of terror by torturing and killing animals.The figure leans over the man and touches his blindfold. The video cuts at the one-minute mark, returning to the man, now with a black sheet over his head.

Ten seconds later, the dark figure reemerges, holding an icepick in a clenched fist.

"It was a challenge just to catch the bastard," she says. The bedspread was decorated with an image of a wolf — where was it sold?