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The audio during this segment includes rehearsing singers, a busy producer, and a harassed studio manager/host.

The only graphics are a large «On Air/Stand By» sign in the middle of the screen, visual representations of the players' button assignments, and a box for name entry.

This basic design has changed slightly in some versions of the game.

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After a short animated introduction, which is often accompanied with a sung jingle about the question number, the host asks the question.

», a reading motivation CD-ROM game show series covering young adult fiction, targeted to 3rd through 10th graders.

The game would give a title for a child to read, and then ask questions related to that title.

Typically, the question is multiple choice, and the first player to «buzz in» and give the correct answer wins the money for that question and gets to choose the next category.

If a player answers incorrectly, he or she loses money, but not before the host wisecracks about it.

However, early volumes of the series occasionally featured questions hosted by guests spawned from Fiber Optic Field Trips and Celebrity Collect Calls; these were worth ,000 and appeared as the first question of the second round.

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